Text to speech

EasyTexttospeech.com is the fastest and easiest text to speech conversion service online

EasyTexttospeech.com is a free text to speech converter, that makes it super easy to convert any text to speech, with the most natural voices online possible. It works in 4 easy steps:

  1. First, enter the text you want to read.Enter the text you want read, and select the voice you'd like to read it in
  2. Next, select from one of our many voices, and hit "Confirm"
  3. Third, enter your email and select an out put formatEnter your email, choose a file time, and hit "Convert"
  4. Finally, hit "Convert"

You'll be able to convert your text to speech for free, and you'll be able to upgrade to more humanlike voices, for just $2. Choose from US, British/UK, and Australian accents, with male and female voices.

That's it! Email us at team@easytts.com with questions, comments, concerns or suggestions!